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Giving Back

The Institute of Sports Law and Ethics is committed to fostering competence, conscience and compassion in the greater university community and society as a whole. Through Community Outreach, ISLE encourages the discussion of ethical issues surrounding athletics and provides information to the public regarding matters affecting the safety and welfare of athlete participants.

ISLE Partners with Safe4Athletes
Safe4Athletes is a non-profit organization that advocates for athletes by helping sports organizations adopt effective policies, procedures and educational programs designed to prevent coach, volunteer and peer misconduct such as abuse (sexual, verbal, emotional or physical), bullying, harassment and other forms of inappropriate behaviors. Over the past few years, Safe4Athletes has successfully assisted several prominent athletic organizations in establishing a safe and positive environment for athletes, coaches, and volunteers.

In an attempt to promote a safer athlete environment both on and off of the playing field, ISLE through its SCU law student volunteers assisted Safe4Athletes in raising awareness of certain ethical concerns, such as bullying and harassment, within the local sports communities. This ongoing effort continues to provide SCU law students with the opportunity leave a positive mark on not only our university community but also society as a whole.

Student-Athlete Round Tables 
ISLE is excited to announce the launch of the Student-Athlete Round Table Project. During the course of each academic year, ISLE will host several an on-campus events for current collegiate athletes. Each event will focus on a current ethical issue in sports and feature at least one speaker presently working in the sports industry.

Through this initiative ISLE hopes to achieve two goals:

  1. Encourage the discussion of ethics in sports at the player level; and
  2. Provide collegiate athletes with information as to how their athletic experiences can be used to positively impact the sports community in future roles – whether that is as a team administrator, coach, player, parent, or volunteer.

Contact Us
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