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That’s what we are called. We are a group of medical researchers, with focus on research about stem cells. Our mission is to share our knowledge about this very important part of our body, its characteristics and how they adopt to our system. It is also important to let people know the importance of these tiny micro organisms in our existence and the many things to do, to avoid damage to them.

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What Do You need To Know About Stem Cells?

Why many people are now, are talking about this latest discovery in medical science? These important cells in our body, which are already present there, since we were still young.  They can develop into different types of cells.  They are often responsible for the repairs of our many damage tissues in the body.  As stem cell divide itself, some have the potential to become another kind of cells such as red blood cell, a muscle cell or other cells, with a more specialized function.


They are different from other cell types because they have a special characteristic that is to 1. Renewing itself, 2. They can become another tissue or organ themselves with specific functions, and they can give rise to the other damage tissue in the body.


In some instances, they are responsible for the repair of some tissues in the gut and bone marrow but dividing themselves and in some cases, even manage to repair tissues of the heart and pancreas.  Because of its ability to regenerate at a faster rate, stem cells are now considered for treatment of heart disease and diabetics.


Here are types of stem cells present in our body:

  1. Fatal stem cells. These are the cells that can be taken from tissues of a developing human fetus.  These types of a stem cell have the same characteristics of the tissue from where they are taken.  So, if they were taken from fetal muscle, they can produce only muscle cells.
  2. Adult stem cells, Taken from the tissue of the adult body. A good example is a stem cell taken from a bone marrow, which is believed to rich in stem cells.


Stem cell therapy helps in:

  1. Treatment of orthopedic injuries. Studies show that cells taken from the bone marrow heals tissues fast than the other cells.
  2. Treatment of cardiovascular diseases. It is learned that Stem cells help in treatment of heart diseases fast because it helps stimulate repairs of blood vessel tissue
  3. Healing of open wounds.
  4. Treatment of several Brain disorders and
  5. Help treat autoimmune disorders.


How can you find a stem cell treatment facility?


There are many doctors and medical center who are offering stem cell therapy.  Most of the time, treatment procedure is performed by a team of specialist, so they can easily manage the treatment.


After successfully finding a doctor, patients can expect the following:

  1. You may find yourself in a clinic than a hospital, where the doctor will do the consultation.

There, the doctor might decide to take sample cell from the affected area of your body, for laboratory examination or in an accredited stem cell storage facility.

  1. The doctor may require you to wait for the injections or ask you to come back several days for the next procedure. It all depends on the clinic.
  2. In most treatment, patients are sent home right away after the procedure.
  3. Feeling of slight pain or discomfort in the affected areas are normal in many instances.


Stem cells treatment procedure is now available almost everywhere in the world. Many stem cells come from long term storage banking facilities. It is a specialized procedure, performed by highly skilled medical practitioners.  It’s considered safe unless you don’t follow the instructions given to you.


One challenging task is to find the best doctor and clinic that you can trust. Check the lists of government accredited clinics and check if the said clinic has the proper documents to operate. Go through the professional regulatory board, to check for the physician’s records. Once you find him, grab the opportunity, to avail of this latest and safe medical breakthrough.  Life is too short and healthy life will make a happy life.

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