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Mission Statement for Institute of Sports Law and Ethics (ISLE)

The Institute will reflect University of the Pacific Athletics’ commitment to a rigorous intellectual and moral inquiry in the field of sports, with a view toward fostering competence, conscience and compassion in that area of endeavor. Diverse viewpoints will be sought on legal and ethical issues affecting sports, and recognized leaders in this discipline will present their views for the consideration of the greater university community and society as a whole. The Institute will promote reflection on ethical issues as well as calls for action when appropriate, including outreach to youth athletic programs.

About the Institute of Sports Law and Ethics

The Institute of Sports Law and Ethics was founded by Santa Clara Law, the SCU Department of Athletics and Recreation, and the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. In 2016, ISLE relocated its home to University of the Pacific Athletics Department. Its 25-member board includes distinguished athletes and sports executives. The institute’s signature event is an annual Symposium on Sports Law and Ethics in September, covering subjects such as concussions, steroids, amateurism, and the commercial use of athletes’ images. In 2012 ISLE added a community outreach component, established the ETHOS Award, and created a task force to study amateurism.